The Cove Villa


Kaunas County, Lithuania




Arūnas Liola
Rolandas Liola
Edgaras Neniškis

The cove is a part of the river water area deep in the shore, protected from flow and glacier. It is formed only on parts of plain rivers characterized by meandering. On the coves of shipping rivers the ports are situated. Sometimes the estuary is called a small sea, a bay of a lake or pond, protected from waves and storms.

The house is located along the River Nemunas. It is not physically visible, but his presence alone influences the genius loci. The wish of the house owners is privacy, peace, security. All this influenced the architectural design solutions and materialities. On the ground floor the common areas collect around the inner courtyard – a “stream” that “flows” into the outer sunny terrace.

The yard protects against visual contact, sun exposure, wind. Its opposite – an open, wooden site, in the space of a sunny courtyard, surrounded by the goyelles of individual pine trees. Meanwhile, the premises on the second floor already “safely looks

into the distance”. However, the driveway and side perimeters of the building always remain restrained, closed and “guarding” the occupants of the house. Visually, the aim is to create the most humane scale possible, to divide the height of the volume through the horizontals. This impression is enhanced by the horizontal finish of natural black schist.