“Surface Design Awards” taking place in “Business Design Centre” London – the highest international comission award for the “Valley Villa” for the sustainable Exterior surface design.

Evaluation by the Canadian architects – “Valley Villa” selected as one of the best projects of wooden architecture. Each year, the Canadian Wood Council’s Wood Design and Building Awards look to celebrate the very best in timber construction around the world. For the year 2017 International Merit Award came to the “arches” project “Valley Villa”.



arches project “Valley Villa” was selected as the best project in the category “Custom House More Than 3,000 Square Feet” that showcase the very best in residential design. The project selected by an international jury based in San Francisco. The competition organized by “The Journal of the American Institute of Architects”.

The project “Valley Villa” was awarded twice – for “The best individual house” and “The best private interior” categories, at the competition “Tendencies 2017”, organized by the architectural magazine “Namas ir aš”.

An interior of “Valley Villa”, designed by studio “arches”, nominated and awarded as the “Best private interior” at the contest “Interior of the Year / Golden Palete’16”, organized by “”.

The project “Valley Villa” nominted for the Archiforma 2016 awards.

The Business complex “Quadrum” in Vilnius, Constitution Avenue, recognized as the best office building, dedicated for services at the Warsaw held the annual Central and Eastern European service centers awards.

Arches was nominated among the fastest growing companies in Lithuania at the competition “Metų Gazelė 2016”, organized by the daily news “Verslo žinios”.

“Arches” project “Lucid” nominated for the second place in an architectural competition for a business center in Ukmergės st. 219, Vilnius. Competition organized by “Šeškines projects”.


The project „Valley Villa” awarded the main prize „1/5 meter“ at the contemporary Lithuanian Architecture exhibition – competition “Žvilgsnis į save 2015-2016”

The project „Valley Villa” awarded as the best interior in the house category at the competition „Mano erdvė 2016“, organized by the Lithuanian Architects Association and the daily publisher „Lietuvos rytas“


Contest „Interior of the Year“, „Golden Palette“ award for the most inovative interior in 2012 – for the interior of private house „Villa X“



Architectural and urban competition of housing complex in Vilnius, Daugeliskio street, 1rst place, project “Courtyard of the Green Hill”


“X International Award for Architecture 2011” (organizers – Publishing house “Salon – Press” , Moscow), main award in private houses category for a private house “Pine Branches” in Vilnius




Ministry of environment of the Republic of Lithuania – award for the creative achievements in the fields of urban design and architecture – for the leasure center „Nakcizibis“ in Varėna, Lithuania




Lithuanian Architecture exhibition (“Lithuanian architecture 2008-2009 “Zvilgsnis i save”), main award “metre 1/5” for leasure centre “Nakcižibis” in Varėna, Lithuania


Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association award for the successful participation in a competition “For the sustainable development in 2009″, the presentation of the project” NAKCIŽIBIS resort complex” within the category of commercial projects;


Lithuanian Architecture exhibition (“lithuanian architecture 2008-2009, view to yourself”), special diploma for guest house “Sand Villa’s” in Palanga, Lithuania


The architecture of individual houses in 2010, the best project of blocked habitable house. “Upės Vingis”, Vilnius


Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania – thanks for the creative achievements in the fields of urban design and architecture – for the guest house „Smilčių Vila“ in Palanga




International competition “Memelio miestas”, Klaipėda, winners ( a joint project with „Aexn“)


Rest house “Nakcižibis” near the Lavyso lake, Varėnos district – nomination of support and charity fund of A. Zaviša for the best recreational and architectural work




“Smilčių vilos”, Palanga, Zaviša‘s support and charity fund nomination for the best recreational and architectural work


“Smilčių vilos”, Palanga, in the competition of the association of Lithuanian real estate development recognized as the best project for the harmonious development, 2008.


„Lietuvos kino studijos“ territory, located in Nemenčinės road 4, Vilnius, competition of the urban – architectural proposals. II place, 2008 (a joint project with „Aexn“)


„Auksinė paletė 2007“, III place in the category of private interior – interior „ Rūkas“


„Auksinė paletė 2007“, I place in the category of private interior, for the best realized private interior – interior „Miesto organizmas“


Urban design architectural contest Territory between the Neris River, Rinktines, Seimyniskiu and Raitininkų streets of Vilnius”- III place, 2008. (a joint project with M.Pakalnis)




The architectural competition of new passengers‘and cargos‘ terminal in Klaipėda. I – II place, 2007. (a joint project with „Aexn“)




Architectural competition of the habitable house with the administrative and public catering premises in H.Manto str.11, Klaipėda, („Dramblio namas“), II place


Hotel „Belvilis“- The competition of state tourism department. The best hotel of the year 2006


Hotel „Belvilis“- The main prize of A. Zaviša‘s support and charity fund for the best recreational architectural work in




An individual habitable house in Valakampiai, Vilnius – „Salon interior“2005, the nomination for the best foreign project




The reconstruction of restaurant „Vasara“- A. Zaviša‘s support and charity fund nomination for the best recreational architectural work in 2003.